The effects of wal mart entering in a community

Download image These job loss estimates are conservative because goods sold at Wal-Mart are primarily durable and nondurable consumer goods, such as furniture, apparel and textiles, toys, and sporting goods. Job losses in manufacturing account for

The effects of wal mart entering in a community

Add another 15 varieties to the growing list of recalled pet foods. The company said it took that action late Friday after tests revealed traces of a melamine derivative in the Chinese rice protein concentrate the company received from its supplier, Cereal Byproducts of Illinois.

Cereal Byproducts on May 4 recalled the rice protein concentrate it received f Nestle Purina PetCare Co.

NUTRO Recalls Dry Cat Food Sold in 11 Countries

The company said some of the cans might be contaminated with melamine, the toxin suspected of causing the pet illnesses. No dry products are involved. No cat products are involved.

One of my dogs is currently in the hospital because her kidneys are failing. Sophie is only 6 months old and is very ill," she told ConsumerAffairs.

This has caused me a great deal of stress, time off work, money and possibly the lives of my animals. Joanne of Bentleyville, Penn. When her cat refused to eat the Iams Select Bites pouches Joanne brough home, she let her border collie eat them. The dog died a slow death from kidney failure.

The following day I tried the food again with the cat but again he would not eat it so again I gave it to the dog.

The effects of wal mart entering in a community

I had no idea that I thought the food was a treat for my dog was actually poison. I feel I poisoned one of my family," Joanne said in a complaint to ConsumerAffairs.

I will never do that again. Henderson also said the contaminated wheat gluten is not in any of its other product that are outside the scope of the company's massive recall of 60 millions containers of "cuts and gravy" style pet food.

The food included wheat gluten from the same supplier that Menu Foods used. The recall doesn't involve any other Prescription Diet or Science Diet products, the company said. The Food and Drug Administration -- and an outside laboratory -- announced on Friday that tests found a chemical called melamine in samples of the tainted pet foods involved in the recall.

Cornell University officials also confirmed they found melamine -- used in floor tiles, kitchenware, and fire retardant fabrics -- in the urine and kidney of a sick cat. New York officials say they've detected that chemical, too. Henderson said the melamine-tainted wheat gluten came from a new supplier, who imported the ingredient from China.

He said the company stopped using that supplier after dogs and cats across the country showed symptoms of kidney disease or died after eating Menu's pet foods. Henderson said pet owners shouldn't worry about the safety of the cat and dog food the company is now producing.

We continue to engage in the highest levels of monitoring and testing in the pet food industry. These tests will be expanded as a result of this experience. Sundlof, director of the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine, said the melamine-tainted ingredient was shipped to an unnamed company -- one that manufactures dry pet food.

The federal agency is now investigating whether that contaminated ingredient was used to make any dry pet foods. When asked if pet owners could be feeding unsafe food to their animals, Sundlof said: My sense is that we have gotten most of it under control. But the FDA said its tests -- and those by the outside lab -- did not reveal the rat poison in the recalled pet food.

Or in the wheat gluten.

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Wheat gluten is used a thickening agent and source of protein in pet foods, but it's also used in some human foods.HP needs weeks to ship additional TouchPads, according to a leaked email sent to customers.

HP is prepping one last run for its defunct tablet. Jun 04,  · Previously, researchers have tried to get to the heart of the effects of Walmart’s presence on local business.

The effects of wal mart entering in a community

A study confirmed something most consumers probably knew: The retailers hit the hardest by a Walmart entering the local marketplace are the businesses that compete directly and sell mostly the same things .

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