Academic decathlon essay

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Academic decathlon essay

Super Quiz[ edit ] The format of the Super Quiz differs from that of the other subject areas. Added init offers a culminating championship event. Inthe multiple-choice portion was eliminated and the relay portion expanded to include six of the objective subjects.

The relay starts with the Varsity students, followed by the Scholastic and the Honors students. Each group is given 10 or 15 questions, depending on the format decided by the state coordinator. After the questions and answers are read, the students are allowed seven seconds to select the correct answer.

The answer is checked on the spot by a judge and scores are immediately displayed to the audience. The speech event is divided into prepared and impromptu sections.

A three-and-a-half to four-minute long prepared speech is delivered. The student is then given one minute to read three prompts and deliver a one-and-a-half to two-minute impromptu speech. Study materials[ edit ] The United States Academic Decathlon publishes a variety of study materials for the objective events, the profits from which support the program.

An art reproduction booklet and music CD contain a particular year's relevant pieces and are issued separately from the Resource Guides. Study guides are also published and contain detailed topical outlines for each objective subject.

Academic decathlon essay

These outlines specifically indicate which topics will require independent research beyond the material included in the Resource Guides.

As an example, in the music topic was Romantic music. Subsequently the Music Resource Guide focused on the development of Romantic music, its characteristics and the influence of the Classical era on the Romantic era.

A large part of the guide focused on information about that year's composers: The two offer exams and study guides that can augment or replace USAD's official materials.

Teams felt obligated to buy the guides because USAD based the official tests on them. Teams also denounced the hundreds of errors they found in the official guides; coaches were sometimes forced to instruct their students to deliberately give the wrong answer in the official competition.

Frank Dobie High School team that won the national competition, said that the decision to market guides shifted Academic Decathlon's emphasis to memorization over critical thinking. The Art Basic Guide focuses on art fundamentals, such as the elements of artprinciples of compositionand different 2-D and 3-D techniques.

Additionally, a brief introduction to art history is included. The Language and Literature Basic Guide provides students with a basic grounding in the analysis of literature and introduces key terms such as synecdochemetonymyassonanceand aphorism.

Academic Decathlon / Essay Writing

The Math Basic Guide offers a general overview of major topics in high school math, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. The Music Basic Guide begins by introducing the student to topics in music theory such as harmonicsrhythmtempoand the circle of fifths.

It also includes information on a wide variety of instruments and a brief history of Western music.The essay section is there to test the student's writing ability. They are given three writing prompts, and they must choose one topic to write on.

These topics usually revolve around the Language and Literature category or the Super Quiz category, so students must make sure they are knowledgeable on those topics.

Academic competitions are common. There are spelling bees and robotic competitions on a national level, for example. There are school-wide, regional, and state competitions. One of the most interesting national academic competitions is the Academic Decathlon, a product of the U.S.

Academic Decathlon Association (USAD). Essay. You'll have fifty minutes to write the strongest paper possible. To get ready, you'll want to practice outlining and writing compelling arguments related to six of the seven Academic Decathlon ® subjects—excluding only math.

The more clearly you can learn to write, the more persuasive you'll be—and the more you've studied the theme, the more evidence you'll be able to cite on. California Academic Decathlon 4 Online Essay Proctor Responsibilities and Test Directions Before the Test Begins ¨ Book a computer room to administer the Essay Test.

Academic decathlon essay

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and state competitions. One of the most interesting national academic competitions is the Academic Decathlon, a product of the U.S. Academic Decathlon Association (USAD). There is an essay to write, based upon optional prompts;.

The Academic Decathlon (also called AcaDec, AcaDeca or AcDec) is the only annual high school academic competition organized by the non-profit United States Academic Decathlon Association (USAD). The competition consists of seven multiple choice tests, two performance events, and an essay.

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