A study of kuala lumpur city in malaysia

A favorite among expatriates and the rich, the capital appreciation is said to be high with above average rental returns. Some of the more well known residential developments within the KLCC area:

A study of kuala lumpur city in malaysia

After a civil war erupted at the peak of gang warfare, Kuala Lumpur was rebuilt and repopulated. Farmers were brought in, schools were founded, and commercial activities popped up everywhere. However inMalaysia gained independence from the British and was made into a federal territory a few years later.

Being the major metropolitan city of the country, its skyscrapers are the tallest in South East Asia. KL is an inviting destination with a warm climate, wide ethnic diversity, shopping malls, space age towers and much more. If an experience of life time and countless opportunities is what you are looking for, Kuala Lumpur has it all!

Being in the suburban capital, you will never run out of things to do and places to see. KL has countless shopping malls and markets to shop, although the Bukit Bintang is the major district of shopping and entertainment. Bukit Bintang is designed as an Arab City and has 12 levels in the building.

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There is no designer or brand missing in this massive shopping centre, which is also the 12thlargest shopping mall in the world.

To experience the cultural side of Malaysia, there are mosques, caves and temples one can visit. A great incentive for students to consider KL as their study destination is the reasonable cost of living and shopping in Malaysia. You would also have easy access to Halal food in a range of different cuisines.

Plus studying in Malaysia will give you the opportunity to learn a new language as the local language in Malaysia is Malay. Where can you study in Kuala Lumpur? Malaysia has some of the fastest growing academic institutes in the world. There are a wide range of subjects available to the students at over 50 universities, alone in Kuala Lumpur.

With each passing year these universities appear higher and higher on the world rankings, depicting the incredible growth potential and fast growing academic institutions.

Some of the universities in KL include: Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology expanded right along with technological expansion. Universiti Kuala Lumpur has eleven campuses spread across the world with twelve institutes offering a wide range of options to study.

You might also like to read:KLCC – The Playing Ground Of The KL Elite. K LCC is one of the most sought after commercial and residential address in Kuala Lumpur. A favorite among expatriates and the rich, the capital appreciation is said to be high with above average rental returns.

The geography of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is characterized by a huge valley — known as the Klang Valley — bordered by the Titiwangsa Mountains in the east, several minor ranges in the north and the south and the Malacca Straits in the west. The name Kuala Lumpur literally means muddy confluence; Kuala Lumpur is located at the confluence of the Klang and Gombak Rivers, facing the Malacca Straits.

Kuala Lumpur (/ ˈ k w ɑː l ə ˈ l ʊ m p ʊər, -p ər /; Malaysian: [ˈkwalə ˈlumpʊr]), officially the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (Malay: Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur), or commonly known as KL, is the national capital of Malaysia as well as its largest city.

The only global city in Malaysia, it covers an area of km 2 (94 sq mi) and has an estimated population of Nov 02,  · Go to Toys R Us at midvalley 1st floor beside madam Kwan if you want variety toys choices If you're on a budget, go to Aeon There's kids clothes there too and they're affordable with plenty of choices too.

Kuala Lumpur, is the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia. The city covers an area of km² and has an estimated population of million as of Below you will find our list of Study Abroad and Internship programs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A study of kuala lumpur city in malaysia

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