A look at the most devastating issue about the year two thousand y2k problem

That essay provides essential background for this update and should be read first. My September update and December update are also background for this essay. At the same time I am distraught that I could have sought the truth so aggressively and been so wrong. I had felt at times like Paul Revere and at times like Chicken Little.

A look at the most devastating issue about the year two thousand y2k problem

The Year Problem and Sustainability: Rediscovering Nature and Neighbors through Y2K version 1. Wilde, Peter Ziegler, Steve Moore, Larry Shook, Scott Worland, Chris Roth and others Although I am determined to help communities survive Y2K no matter what -- and although I think it wise for people to stock up on supplies over the next year to make it through the first weeks of Y2K -- I would be really saddened if we came out of Y2K back where we started.

Even without Y2K, our society and economy are heading in some really troubling directions and, as an old Chinese proverb says, "If we don't change our direction, we're liable to end up where we're headed. Recently I was discussing with an energy expert, Peter Ziegler, the application of renewable energy sources to local Y2K community readiness.

I learned that solar panels that could power a few lightbulbs cost hundreds of dollars -- and refrigerators use far more than that.

Private wind turbines are also expensive. It soon became obvious that renewables were prohibitively expensive for most of us -- at least if we're trying to maintain our existing way of life.

Peter helped me to sketch out the direction we'd have to go to promote sustainable energy use through Y2K: Some Y2K community organizers could support their work by selling alternative energy systems. Socially conscious investors could provide the capital to ramp up production of renewable energy equipment.

Coming Collapse ยป Coming Collapse | Geoengineering Watch The main action of the play is interrupted by the memory sequences of Costa Astrakhan, a self-centered teenager who, if not insane, is delighted by the power a computer can give him. While these sequences seem more like a sexual fantasy than reality, Astrakhan translates them into digital fact.
Silly Beliefs - Ken Ring - Weather Forecasting by the Moon or Scam? Comments Read by 97, people In A.
Y2K - How Serious Will It Be? Last time I talked with him, Marvin was studying Sanskrit.

Renewable energy in public institutions could be promoted by expanding the existing federal program for a million solar roofs on schools. As citizens, we can demand sustainable energy policies and programs tax incentives, solar roofs on schools, zoning changes, etc. All these are important steps.

Yet I found myself particularly intrigued by the implications of bsharing energy with neighbors.

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Peter pointed out that ten households could share the cost of setting up one person's kitchen with enough solar or wind power to cook food for all of them -- especially using energy-saving cooking techniques such as crockpots or placing partially-cooked food into a highly insulated box, where it would continue to cook with no additional energy.

Several households could share meals cooked in this way -- sharing meal preparations, or taking turns cooking for everyone, or cooking meals for individual households in the same kitchen, perhaps in shifts. Or a lot of rice or another staple could be cooked in one pot, that could be used by each family in a different way.

Furthermore, much cooking could be eliminated by sprouting grains and beans.

A look at the most devastating issue about the year two thousand y2k problem

Sprouts provide perhaps the simplest home-grown source broad-spectrum nutrients; while lots of potatoes can be grown in a small space to provide calories. Sharing cooking and food could also reduce the need for refrigeration, by reducing leftovers.

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In a few houses, rooms could be set up as reading rooms, with shared-cost solar or wind power systems adequate for lighting the same lighting that serves one person, could serve several people at once.

Other rooms elsewhere could be share-powered for the use of sewing machines, hand tools, or other equipment. Setting up one or two large, low, well-insulated rooms with efficient wood-burning stoves would keep many people warm together with minimal fuel use.Create your own user feedback survey.

Hydrocodone is one of the most widely used drugs to fight chronic pain in the United States, serving a consumer base of about million people.


If you are a teacher searching for educational material, please visit PBS LearningMedia for a wide range of free digital resources spanning preschool through 12th grade. Catholic and evangelical scholars have dreaded this moment for centuries.

There are some other important divisions that should be kept in mind as you study the Book of Daniel. Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and grupobittia.com Although only two digits are allocated for the birth year in the Bulgarian national identification number, the year problem and subsequently the Y2K problem were addressed by the use of unused values above 12 in the month range.

For all persons born before , the month is stored as the calendar month plus 20, and for all persons born after , the month is stored as the calendar month plus

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